Welcome to Ace Care

Ace Care, is a support service for adults. We help adults live independently in your own home. We aim to help improve your quality of life and promote your wellbeing. This service is confidential, sensitive and flexible. Ace Care is available to anyone aged 18 and over within Nottinghamshire.

Ace Care aims to provide a consistently high standard of home care that will enable its clients to live safely and comfortably in their own homes, whilst maintaining their dignity and privacy. It is our aim to help our clients achieve the best possible, quality of life whilst maintaining their independence.

It is the objective of the organisation to provide a service of the highest quality, to improve and sustain the client's overall quality of life. By meeting the following objectives:- Read More

We offer a culturally appropriate services

Ace Care service was developed to meet the changing cultural needs of our community. Whilst the physical and emotional needs are the same as our regular service the cultural issues require specially trained carers who understand these needs.

Traditionally the Asian community prefers to maintain care from within the family and community. However, with the increasing number of elderly and vulnerable people requiring help today this is not always possible. Also, with the very specialist care needs of many people today family members do not have the necessary skills and training. We have already established a strong team of Asian careers who are able to provide a wide range of care services to meet the physical and emotional needs of Asian service users. Read More